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Custom Conference River Table

Custom Conference River Table

PriceFrom $1,800.00
Excluding Sales Tax |

San Diego Rustic Furniture specializes in crafting unique and captivating live edge epoxy river conference tables. Our statement pieces are not only large and sturdy, but also leave a lasting impression on anyone who lays eyes on them. Each table is carefully handcrafted with attention to detail, showcasing the natural beauty of live edge wood combined with mesmerizing epoxy resin designs. Whether you're furnishing a boardroom, a creative workspace, or a luxurious home office, our conference tables are the perfect blend of functionality and artistic elegance. Elevate your space with a San Diego Rustic Furniture masterpiece that is sure to make a memorable impact


With this purcahse we work with you with 2 main options to complete this look:

1. You pick out a slab with natural cracks, voids and defects which we fill with epoxy. 

2. You find 1 single piece of wood that you LOVE and we fabricate a river to match your ideal look while working with the natural grain lines to complete a beautiful piece. 



**Pricing varies and will be determined based on amount of customization and epoxy required. All prices here are a "base" or standard starting price for each size and can be higher!

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