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Live Edge 

San Diego Rustic has the largest selection of live edge slabs in all of California. We make our  tables in several different sizes, ranging from 5'-15' long. Whether you’re looking for a dining table, conference table, desk, hallway console, or shelves, we can help design and create your custom live edge piece.  We have an exceptional turnaround, usually taking around 7-14 days.

Acacia Wood

Acacia wood is incredibly durable. Its density and hardness make it the perfect choice for a frequently used piece like a dining table. If properly maintained, it can withstand decades of family dinners! With a growth rate of 70cm per year, it is one of the strongest and hardiest of all fast growing trees on earth! 

Monkeypod Wood

Samanea saman

San Diego Rustic offers live edge slabs and tables made out of Monkeypod, also known as the Rain Tree, Suar, or Samanea Saman imported from Indonesia. This beautifully figured tree is often mislabeled as "Acacia" when they are in fact, a different genus classification. It is categorized as a fast growing tree with a growth rate of 5 +ft/year and found around the world near the equator.

We finish them in an amazing hardening wax that is water-proof and wear-proof, with a choice of metal or wooden base.