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California Redwood

When it comes to ethical sourcing, California redwood stands as a shining example of environmentally responsible practices. Harvesting redwood trees in a sustainable manner ensures the preservation of these majestic giants for future generations to enjoy. Our ethically sourced California redwood was obtained through selective logging, where only a small percentage of mature trees are felled, allowing younger trees to continue growing and replenishing the forest. We were given the amazing opportunity to fell trees that nature deemed unsuitable. We removed the damaged trees before they could destroy the cabin located within mere feet away. Additionally, strict regulations are in place to protect endangered species and sensitive habitats that may exist within the redwood forests. By purchasing and using products made from ethically sourced California redwood, consumers can support sustainable forestry practices and contribute to the conservation of this iconic and valuable natural resource.

Giant California redwood tree standing in ever green coastal forest.

Don't Miss this Amazing Opportunity

We are the only warehouse in southern California to have this rare endangered wood  - Order your special table TODAY before we sell out. 

Wholesale and Raw unworked slabs are also available!

Redwood Slabs

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